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The brief Eaufrance - n°10 - Sub-basin management plans at 20

For just over 20 years, planning of water management in France has been carried out locally, notably in the form of SBMPs (sub-basin management plans) that were created by the 1992 Water law1. During those 20 years, SBMPs have evolved to take into account environmental and legal changes. In the process, they have become a frequently used instrument for balanced and sustainable management of water resources and a means to integrate water issues in territorial planning.

- Title : Sub-basin management plans at 20

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- Author : Geoffrey Couraud and Katell Petit (IOWater), Janik Michon (Onema)
- Coordination : Isabelle Vial, Janik Michon and Claire Roussel (Onema), Johanna Sanchez (Ecology ministry), Stéphanie Laronde (IOWater)
- Editor : René Lalement (Onema)
- Publisher : French national agency for water and aquatic environments (Onema)
- Contributors : Water agencies and offices, basin DREALs
- Date : July 2014
- Language : EN
- Number of pages : 4
- Key-words : SBMP, Local water governance
- Spatial extent : France
- Rights : http://creativecommons.org/licenses...

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