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The brief Eaufrance - n°15 - River flow monitoring in summer

Water levels in rivers drop during the summer time, and the rivers can sometimes dry up altogether. This natural phenomenon called low-flow level is often accentuated by water needs such as drinking water supply, irrigation or watering parks & gardens, at a time when water resources are scarce. How and when do these low-flow levels occur during the summer ? Why should this be monitored and how ? What variation can be observed over time ? Field observations between 2012 and 2016 show that August 2012 and September 2016 were the months where the most rivers dried up, with significant variation across France.

- Title : River flow monitoring in summer

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- Author : Céline Nowak and Janik Michon (AFB)
- Editor : François Gauthiez (AFB)
- Publisher : French agency for biodiversity (AFB)
- Contributors : Myriam Boulouard, Bénédicte Durozoi, Lionel Saint-Olympe and Frédéric Epique (AFB), Audrey Bornancin-Plantier and Katell Petit (IOWater)
- Proofreading : Daniel Berthault (MTES), Bénédicte Durozoi, Lionel Saint-Olympe, Claire Magand and Gaëlle Deronzier (AFB)
- Date : June 2017
- Language : EN
- Number of pages : 12
- Key-words : Rivers, Drought, Low-flow level, Flow
- Spatial extent : France
- Rights : http://creativecommons.org/licenses...

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